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Terms and conditions

14-day No-quibble Money-back Guarantee

  1. Hendy Car and Van Store offer to all retail customers (not Trade Sales) a 14-day money back policy on the purchase of Your Goods. The 14 days commence from the Day on which delivery takes place and is inclusive of weekends and bank holidays. The 14-day money back policy is in addition to and does not affect your statutory consumer rights. It should not be considered as an alternative to your short term right to reject a vehicle, due to a breach of your core rights at the point of purchase under your statutory consumer rights. To serve notice of your intention to invoke this cancellation you must write to us on the address shown on the invoice or via email to carstoreguarantee@hendy-group.com.

  2. There is a duty of care for you to return the Goods in a condition commensurate with that at the time of delivery. We will inspect the goods at the time of return and We reserve the right, entirely at Our own discretion, to charge You any amounts required to return the goods to their condition at the time of delivery.

  3. A usage charge will be applied relating to the mileage that the vehicle has been driven under your ownership, representing the increase in miles during the period between delivery of the vehicle to you and the subsequent return of the vehicle, as evidenced by the odometer at the time of return and the original mileage as documented at the point of delivery. The mileage charge will be;

  • Miles Driven

  • Usage Charge

  • 0-500 miles

  • No charge

  • Over 500 miles

  • £50 plus £2 per each additional mile

For illustration, a vehicle driven 450 miles will incur no usage charge. A vehicle driven 510 miles would incur a usage charge of £70 (£50 plus £2 x 10 miles).

  1. If we agree to recover the vehicle, we reserve the right entirely at our own discretion to charge a collection fee that will reflect our costs of collection from our closest place of business to your place of residence. These charges will also be subject to VAT.

  2. All documentation provided with the Goods at time of delivery must be returned at the same time as the Goods.

  3. If your vehicle is subject to an FCA/CCA regulated Finance Agreement it will be settled in full by the Hendy Group with the balance of funds paid directly to you.

  4. It will be the responsibility of the claimant to reclaim refunds due from the unexpired portion of any insurance regulated product shown on the vehicle sales invoice, or any supplementary invoice raised against the sale of the vehicle.

  5. In all cases, the most recent Hendy Group vehicle sales invoice will be the document used to refer to this money-back guarantee.